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20-Minute FREE Consultation

Start with a free 20-minute consultation to discuss what we can do together to help you and your child.


IEP Review

A one-time review of your child's IEP to find 5 checkpoints in 8 key areas, a total of 40 checkpoints.  These checkpoints will give us a starting point to work with your school to build a real-world IEP for your child.  


IEP Meeting Prep

I can help you prepare for your IEP meeting so that instead of that pit in your stomach as you walk in the door, you walk in with the confidence that you are ready and prepared to advocate and collaborate with your school for the best interest of your child. 


IEP Coaching

I'll review your child's IEP, provide recommendations, communicate with the school, and help with meeting preparation.  We do it all together.



We can work together through the entire school year.  This includes everything that is included in the coaching package plus regular check-ins and proactive steps to set your child and family up for success.


Meeting Attendance

In-person and virtual attendance at meetings, when available.

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